One of the highest profile homes in the nation is that of the vice president but most Washingtonians don't even know where the 9,000 sq ft home is!

In the new book 'One Observatory Circle' the author Charles Denyer gives some of the behind the scenes secrets and stories of the second in command's home located in northwest Washington, DC on the Naval Observatory.

The home was built in 1893, but Denyer said it did not become the home of the vice president until 1975 when Gerald Ford was supposed to move in but as history went, he became president before moving day. So the first actual vice presidential resident was Walter Mondale in 1977.

It's rumored that the nation's leaders prefer the vice president's residency to the White House.

Denyer said, "Barbara Bush was fond of saying, poor Nancy Reagan she has to live at the White House, I live at One Observatory."

Before the observatory became the official residence of the vice president each had their own home, which became a real challenge for the secret service, according to Denyer.