Starbucks released a new frappuccino flavor that is taking over the internet. Some members of the WUSA9 team headed up to the Starbucks in Tenleytown to give the new sensation a try!

Here's what some of them had to say:

"I ordered the smallest size possible (a tall) and it was way too sweet. Maybe if there was even less I would enjoy it more but I couldn't do more than a few sips." -Liz Rivera

"It's cool how the flavors change as you go, but once it got to the blue part it was too sour. I needed something in between the sweetness of the pink and the sourness of the blue." -Nora Tarabishi

"It looks so cool! Definitely a great visual item for Instagram. But beyond that I wasn't a fan." -Blair Wheeler

"I don't know specifically why, but I'm not a huge fan of fruity flavors, so I didn't love it. I'll stick to my mochas." -Carrie Zolan

Have you tried it yet? Will you be back to get another while they're still around? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter @Greatdaywash!

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