It's almost time to move away to college! If it's your first year, it may be hard trying to figure out what you need for your dorm room! There are so many products listed out there, but which ones are actually necessary for your room? Luckily, our friends at Bed Bath & Beyond gave Great Day Washington a visit and shared the most useful products for your dorm!

Desk lamp with USB

Since most college dorms don't provide desk lamps, this is a must-have product. Whether you're doing your homework or just need a light to read, a desk lamp is a simply perfect addition. To make it even more beneficial, this desk lamp from Bed Bath & Beyond has a USB plug. You can charge your phone on your desk without hassling with the outlets or extension cords!

Command strips

I cannot stress how much a lifesaver command strips can be! For any sort of decoration, command strips will be your best friend. College students have to pay a fee if they permanently damage their walls, so stay away from nails! Command strips can pin up your posters or paintings and come off smoothly!

Shower caddy

One of the downsides to dorm living is the communal bathrooms. You have to share it with your whole floor, which means you can't just keep your shampoos lying around the bathroom! A shower caddy is an easy solution to that. Just place all your toiletries in there and bring it in when you shower!

Shower shoes

Speaking of communal bathrooms, you don't want to be bare footed when you enter these bathrooms! Shower shoes are the best product to have on when showering so you keep your feet clean!

Laundry hamper

Laundry is one the hardest things college students deal with. To help them get the hang of it, foldable laundry hampers do wonders. It saves space, and even comes with pockets to keep your detergent and other materials!

Bed risers

The higher the bed, the more space you have! It's easy to take up horizontal space in your room, but using vertical space is so crucial. With these bed risers, you can bump your bed up a few inches, adding a whole lot more space for storage! The bed risers also come with USB plugs and outlets because we all know you can never have enough of those.

Storage trunk

Storage and organization is the most important thing for your dorm. You have a limited space so you need to have the products to use your space wisely. The storage trunk is the perfect item for minimizing space and looking like a stylish addition. You can place it underneath your lofted bed, and throw anything you need in it! It even has wheels for easy mobility.

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