Montel Williams, legendary TV host and military veteran, joined Great Day Washington this week to chat with Kristen Berset-Harris & Markette Sheppard about upcoming projects and of course, the state of the country.

In his emotional 4 minute interview, Williams proudly and emotionally defended those who are fighting and serving our country overseas and domestically. “The majority of people I hear opening their mouths ― they didn’t put a uniform on their back ... So how dare you disrespect those who have been shot for freedom of speech by telling people to shut up?”

Williams then went on to say that he is proud of those serving, the largest percentage of them, minorities who have borne the brunt of the "disgraceful" and "insecure" actions of President Donald Trump. Williams also commented on the horrific state of the country, especially in the hurricane torn areas Texas and Florida, "there are 5.6 million Americans, right now, the biggest tragedy this country has faced."

"In the history of television, I’m the only person to put the U.S. flag in the middle of their set,” said Williams. “That was the flag I’m going to be buried in. But I respect your right to disagree any way you choose to.”

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