Wednesday on Great Day Washington, renowned talk-show host, entrepreneur, U.S. military veteran and motivational speaker Montel Williams gave his top tips for living well when it comes to the mind, body and spirit.

It’s a subject he is passionate about, as he has battled multiple sclerosis for nearly two decades.

“As we look at how we’re living right now, let me tell you—everybody’s walking around angry,” said Montel. “But you have to understand, we alone own the definition of who we are.”

The number one tip Montel gave while he was co-hosting the show is to take control of your happiness by owning who you are. It’s also the top tip in his book Living Well Emotionally.

“The power we have within us is so much stronger than we even think,” said Montel. “Ten years ago, I had a doctor look at me in the face and tell me that I was going to be in a wheelchair in two years.” He continued on: “Seventeen years ago, when I got diagnosed with MS they told me, ‘Well you’re an African-American male and your category is the worst, you have about a 15 percent life expectancy…’ and if I had listened him, I would have believed what he said” said Montel. “But Instead of listening I recognized that he wasn’t in my head when I walked into this office and he won’t be when I leave.”

So, the moral of the story is: don’t let people take up space in your head. Be true to yourself.

Take a look at Montel’s other tips for living well emotionally in this photo gallery. Also be sure to check out all of his books:

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