After Dr. David Dao was pulled off the United Airlines plane at Chicago O'Hare airport we asked CBS Travel Editor, Peter Greenberg, what are your rights as an airline traveler?

Greenberg says when a flight crew announces that the flight is overbooked and begins the auction process wait to see how high the airline voucher will go before you voluntarily get up.

"They're authorized to go up to $1,350 before they even need a supervisors permission." Greenberg told Markette Sheppard and Darrell Green.

However there are legal ways a flight crew can kick you off a plane. Greenberg says if a member of the flight crew asks you to turn off your computer or fasten your seatbelt and you don't comply then you're in violation of a federal law. Greenberg says other reasons for flight crews to remove you are:

  • If you are drunk
  • If you are on drugs
  • If you have offensive body odor
  • If you're too large and are deemed a safety risk to evacuate the plane

But the biggest thing to remember according to Greenberg is once you're in your seat with a bonafide ticket and reservation, it's your seat. That's the contract you agreed to, that's the contract the airlines agreed to.

If you're wanting to avoid this problem all together, Greenberg says there is an airline that has a policy to never overbook their flights, and that's JetBlue.

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