Here's a delicious rethinking of the Reuben sandwich courtesy of A Taste of Arlington featuring corned beef, swiss cheese, sauerkraut and thousand island. Wrapped in a crunchy eggroll shell, its kid-friendly and fuss free.


Egg roll wrappers

Corned Beef

Swiss Cheese

Thousand Island dressing


2 eggs (beaten)


1) Slice 4 oz of corned beef into thin strips

2) Slice 4 oz of swiss cheese into thin strips

3) Rinse and strain 4oz of sauerkraut

4) Combine all ingredients in a bowl

5) Place two layers of eggroll wrapper on the counter (2 layers ensures it won't break)

6) Brush the border and edges of the wrapper with the egg wash

7) Take mixed ingredients and place in center of wrapper

8) Drizzle thousand island on top of the mixture

9) Carefully roll together like a burrito, keeping the wrapper tight

10) Place in oil and fry until crispy (alternatively, brush with olive oil and bake in oven for lighter version)


Cut the cooked Reuben roll along a diagonal and serve with a side of thousand island.