“The Big Bang Theory” on CBS is in it’s 11th season, and is still the number one comedy in the world! It’s created the iconic character of Leonard, Penny, Raj, Howard and, of course, Sheldon Cooper. Now, the success of the Chuck Lorre comedy has opened the door for a spin-off. “Young Sheldon” is a prequel that looks back at the life of 9 year old Sheldon Cooper as a young prodigy growing up in Texas. Young Sheldon is played by Iain Armitage, a native of Arlington, VA, most recently seen in the HBO hit mini-series “Big Little Lies”.

Kristen Berset-Harris chatted with the stars of both shows, Jim Parsons and Iain Armitage on Great Day Washington about the much anticipated premiere and the relationship between the two actors.

Kristen: Jim, Eleven seasons for The Big Bang Theory, and youve created this iconic character that is Sheldon Cooper. Now you have a spinoff, what are your thoughts about all that?

Jim Parsons: When we shot the first episode it was kind of emotionally moving. When you are in the thick of things working on something like this day in and day out for over a decade now, you dont get a lot of chances to step back and look at it and get a perspective on it. To watch a lot of the stories we have told about Sheldons youth come to life and watch them be embodied by Iain and have a chance not to have to act it just watch it, it was really moving to me. It was neat to see all the stuff weve put together for that long come into a form like this.

Kristen: Iain, whats it like to play such an iconic character?”

Iain Armitage: Its weird, moving and also sort of funny because it seems like just the other day I was home in Virginia just sitting around playing with my toys. Its funny because how did I go from that and rocket forward to being Young Sheldon.

Kristen: “What is the relationship like between you two?

Iain: Were Besties!

Jim: “Hes really easy to work with. He handles all of this with not only a very professional adult attitude, but he also brings the fact that hes a child and hes very happy about this. Theres not a lot of fear and baggage.

Iain: Thats why I like him. Hes always so sweet and kind.

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Young Sheldon debuted it's pilot episode on Monday, September 25. The series moves to the regular time slot on Thursdays beginning on November 2nd at 8:30 PM ET/PT – following THE BIG BANG THEORY.