Patti Cake$ is a new film written and directd by Geremy Jasper starring Danielle Macdonald. It follows the spunky character Patti, who is an aspiring rapper. They got to chat with Caroline Cianci of GDW about the film!

Caroline: Geremy, what inspired you to make this film?

Geremy: Well, it's a combination of things. It's about where I'm from, it's about the women I grew up around in New Jersey. I was an aspiring musician at the age of 23 living in my parent's basement, so there's a lot of autobiographical elements and Patti is sort of an alter-ego for me.

C: Danielle, how are you similar to your character Patti?

Danielle: When I read the script, I pretty much thought I was the exact opposite of her. Then, I kind of realized that I connected to her love and her passion and her dreams, and that was kind of how I found my connection to Patti.

C: How are you different from her?

D: In every other way possible. Different places, different actions, different attitudes, confidence, hair. Well, I have curly hair, but she's got a specific hairdo.

C: What do you want audiences to walk away with after watching?

D: I always think I would really like people to walk away and do something they were scared of doing. I was scared of doing this movie, then I did it and it felt really good, and I feel like that's what Patti does as well, so I'd like people to do that.

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