You’ve seen ads on TV to treat the skin condition Psoriasis. But many people are not aware of Psoriatic Arthritis. About thirty percent of people suffering from Psoriasis develop Psoriatic Arthritis. This is an especially painful form of arthritis that causes inflammation of the joints. Forty to fifty percent of affected people can end up having a disability if they’re not treated in time.

A proper diagnosis is instrumental in getting treated. There’s no blood test to detect it, but specialists check if the patient has any of six different ailments. These include Psoriasis, swollen joints, tendonitis, swollen digits, and back pain. Lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking and losing weight can help treat the arthritis, but those with more severe conditions may need extra care.

Luckily a revolutionary treatment called biologic therapies is now available, according to Dr. Evan L. Siegel at Arthritis and Rheumatism Associates, P.C. “These therapies intervene with a specific part of the immune system, slow down the inflammation, and also stop the progression of the disease,” says Siegel. The biologic therapies can be administered by intravenous infusion in a comfortable setting. “Early treatment with those types of medications can really be effective in slowing down disabilities.” To schedule an appointment with a rheumatologist, visit

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