Many of us want to make sure our pets feel a little extra love this holiday season. Extra belly rubs, treats and even presents are all part of showing our pets how much we care.

It’s tempting to share our cookies and desserts when those cute furry faces look longingly at you. As a pet owner resist the temptation to let your pet indulge in the same foods you do. Ingredients that are okay for us can be toxic to our pets. Loving your pet means keep thing them safe and making good decisions for them especially when it comes to food.

The Dog Chef, Kevyn Matthews whips up a sweet treat that both pet and people can enjoy. The recipe starts with fresh cranberries, carob and coconut oil.

Christmas "Chocolates" for dogs!

You will need....

Coconut oil

Carob powder


Candy mold

Measuring cup

Pan to melt coconut oil

Finely chop fresh cranberries, and sprinkle in candy molds. Preheat pan to low heat, and add 1 cup of Coconut oil. When oil is completely melted turn off heat, and stir in 1 cup of Carob powder. Pour Carob/Coconut mixture into the candy mold, and allow to cool until it hardens. For faster cooling, put candy mold in the freezer for 5 minutes and it's done!

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