The Great Day Washington team has picked their favorite pancakes and we've decided to share them with you.

Markette Sheppard - Blueberry Pancakes

Markette loves blueberry pancakes and she says the blueberries must be crushed first because the batter won't cook otherwise. Fair warning, Markette is serious about the blueberries in her pancakes, she's sent back blueberry pancakes while eating out. She says she makes them the best and tops them with real maple syrup.

Chris Leary - Bisquick Pancakes

Chris Leary says, by far the just-add-water Bisquick pancakes are his favorite. According to Chris they are the lightest, fluffiest, not-too-dense pancakes he's every eaten. Mr. Leary likes to make them himself, he says, "Me and Bisquick are the perfect pair." Chris likes his pancakes with lots of butter and a little syrup.

Meaghan Mooney - Buckwheat Blueberry Pancakes

Meaghan's pancake pick is buckwheat blueberry pancakes with fresh blueberries. Meaghan says she likes her pancakes thin, thin, thin (she said yes, three thins please) topped with real maple syrup. Her favorites come from her home state of Rhode Island.

Wendy Bailey - Mickey Mouse Shaped Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Great Day's executive producer, Wendy Bailey, loves whipping up Mickey Mouse shaped chocolate chip pancakes for her family. Wendy says that chocolate chip pancakes in the Bailey household are topped only with syrup, but always served with a side of fresh strawberries.

Madeline Cuddihy - Mrs. Lewis's Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Madeline Cuddihy, Great Day's associate producer says if she was given the choice of a last meal, it very may well be her friend Julie's mother's chocolate chip pancakes. She describes them as just the right amount of crispness on the outside with "ooie gooie" chocolate chip perfection in the middle. However, Madeline is partaking in the Whole 30 and cannot enjoy Mrs. Lewis's masterpiece.

Renee Peace-Carr - I-Hop Classic Buttermilk Pancakes

Great Day producer Renee Peace-Carr picks I-Hop's classic buttermilk pancakes. She's no plain Jane though, Renee likes all different types of toppings, her favorite is the strawberry syrup.

Thomas James - Mom's Blueberry Pancakes

Great Day producer Thomas James favorite pancakes hail from Virginia Beach, Virginia, straight out of his mother's kitchen. Thomas says his mom has been making the best blueberry pancakes since he can remember and she'll still whip him up a batch when he goes home. He tops them with a little bit of syrup and butter.

Dave Scarnato - Any Pancake but Strawberry

Photojournalist Dave Scarnato says it's a tough choice because all pancakes are so good and when it comes to choosing pancakes it definitely depends on his mood. Dave broke it down to me like this, "Blueberry, awesome. Chocolate chip, awesome. Banana, awesome, gotta love Jack Johnson." However Dave has one thing to say about strawberry pancakes, "No strawberry, gross."

Blair Wheeler - Banana Pancakes

Pancakes are about last on my list when it comes to breakfast food, but I cannot deny the amazing banana pancakes I had on a trip to Santa Monica several years ago. A heaping plate of thick, yet fluffy pancakes with bananas worked into the batter and topped with syrup, butter and fresh bananas.

Nayada Cowherd - Butter Pecan Pancakes

Great days start with butter pecan pancakes! Especially if that day is Sunday, mimosas on deck and brunch is served. The creamy butter syrup and roasted pecans slathered over fluffy hot pancakes fresh off the griddle. Oh yeah, and not little ones either. A big plate sized stack'll do!

Alexis Battle - Buttermilk Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Great Day intern, Alexis Battle says she loves buttermilk chocolate chip pancakes. She says no one can make them like her cousin's best friend. Alexis swears there is a secret ingredient in the batter that makes them absolutely amazing. Her choice in toppings for those buttermilk chocolate chip pancakes: syrup and fresh strawberries.

Wesley Young - Banana Pancakes

Great Day intern, Wesley Young says the thing about banana pancakes is the banana has to be mixed in the batter. Wesley loves the banana pancakes he gets back home in Massachusettes from Parkers Pancake House and of course, topped with real maple syrup.

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