Nothing quite puts one at peace like a nice warm drink to enjoy during these chilly months. Some people love their cup of Joe and others are content with a warm cup of tea. Here's a classic London fog tea recipe:


(From The Spice and Tea Exchange)

2 TSP of Earl Grey Creme Tea

1 TSP of Lavender (optional)

2 TBS Vanilla Turbinado Sugar

1/2 tsp Madagascar Pure Vanilla Extract

(From your local grocery store)

16 oz filtered water

8 oz milk (or to taste)


HEAT filtered water to 212 degrees F. Steep The Spice and Tea Exchange Earl Grey Crème Tea and Lavender for 4 mins. Strain

ADD The Spice and Tea Exchange Vanilla Turbinado Sugar and The Spice and Tea Exchange Madagascar Pure Vanilla Extract and stir until dissolved fully in hot tea.

SIMMER milk over medium - low heat until milk is hot.

WHISK briskly to create light foam.

ADD hot milk to tea. STIR and enjoy! (Serving suggestion: SERVE topped with a small layer of foam)

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