Many of you may not know this, but Facebook now has original TV content. The social site decided to add a watch tab to make it easier for consumers to look at viral videos from their favorite social media personalities, and to organize where to find the original content it will be boosting out.

Facebook began releasing its TV shows towards the end of summer 2017 and boy did they come with a price tag. The Wall Street Journal predicts that Facebook will spend an estimated $1 billion on original shows throughout 2018.

This new endeavor will hopefully fix Facebook's advertising issues as well. They are swamped with adds from various companies and they hope to have a big wave of viewers use the watch tab in order to charge more money for advertisements.

I am already guilty of diving into this new Facebook creation. My favorite original FB show is "Ball in the Family." It follows the life of ex NBA player LaVar Ball and his wife Tina, along with their three sons who are destined for the NBA like their father.

In the show you get to see LaVar train his sons to fulfill his dream of them all being drafted into the NBA and playing for the Los Angeles Lakers. The oldest, Lonzo Ball, was drafted there last year. LiAngelo Ball, the middle child, has just begun his first year at UCLA and the youngest, LaMelo Ball, is already making his mark in high school on and off the court. Aside from all the basketball action you get to see the beautiful love LaVar has for his wife Tina as he is determined to personally give her rehabilitation after she suffered a stroke in February of last year.

CHINO, CA - SEPTEMBER 02: (L-R) Lonzo Ball, LaMelo Ball, Tina Ball, LaVar Ball and LiAngelo Ball attend Melo Ball's 16th Birthday on September 2, 2017 in Chino, California. (Photo by Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for Crosswalk Productions )

That's just a taste of one of the shows Facebook has to offer. They have other programs like "Tastemade's Kitchen Little" where little kids teach a pro chef how to make a recipe which always turns out wrong. A reality TV game from A&E called "Bae or Bail" where couples face their fears and see who runs. There is even a show with motivational speaker, Gabby Bernstein, who answers fans' life questions in live and recorded segments.

If you're ready to get your Facebook TV watching on all you have to do is go on Facebook of course. Then, click on the watch tab that looks like a TV at the bottom of the navigation bar and explore. When you find a show you like follow the page and Facebook will send you a notification whenever a new episode is added.

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