'Tis the season of hanging lights and hunting for the perfect tree. Lowe's has easy tips to get you in the holiday spirit.

1. Get the perfect tree for your home. Driving to the woods and cutting down the tallest tree made for a great scene in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, but no one expects you to pull a Griswold in real life. Get one that fits your living room (so there's still room to place gifts underneath). You can even find one pre-decorated with LED lights. Save time for what matters- hanging your kids' homemade ornaments.

Photo courtesy of Lowes

2. Create a show with lights. Projection lights are great for casting fun holiday images on your home. Forget painstakingly stringing lights across gutters. Bring the holidays to life with enlarged classic images.

Photo courtesy of Lowes

3. Spring for holiday specs. These glasses, which bare a resemblance to movie theater 3D lenses, magically make holiday images appear. Put them on your kiddos as they gaze at your lit up tree or lights in the neighborhood, and watch their faces light up with holiday cheer.

Photo courtesy of Lowes

4. Bring out the inflatables. Inflatables may not be for the subtle, but they're perfect for the extreme holiday enthusiast. Decorate your front lawn with a giant snowman, Santa Clause, reindeer, or all of the above. Make your yard a destination spot for the whole neighborhood.

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