French cuisine is said to be some of the most exquisite dining on this planet. So if you're not planning on traveling to France anytime soon, here's how you can bring the French food to you. This recipe for Crab with Tarragon and Light Creamy Potato will send your taste buds to Paris with every tantalizing bite. A special thank you to Chef Raphel Francois from Les DeSales for this French-inspired recipe!  
Ingredients for light creamy potato:
500gr / 17Oz of potatoes pulp
100 gr/ 3.5Oz olive oil
70gr / 2.4 Oz canola oil, organic
150gr/ 5.2Oz cream 
150gr/ 5.2Oz milk
7gr/ 0.2Oz of salt
Ingredients for crab mix:
300gr/ 10.5Oz crab meat (blue crab)
10gr/ 0.3Oz olive oil
40/ 1.2Ozgr of fresh shallot
1 bunch of fresh tarragon
4 gr/ 0.14Oz of Himalayan salt
2 gr of chili flake
Boil 6 potatoes in order to produce 500gr of pulp. While still hot add olive oil, canola oil, cream, milk, and salt. Whisk until smooth.
On the stove top, gently warm crab meat with olive oil and season it with sea salt and chili flakes.  Remove from heat, add 2 spoons of fresh chopped tarragon and shallots. Move 2 spoons of crab mixture per person to a bowl and 4 scoops of creamy potatoes on top.
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