He was full of jitters. He popped the question. She was overcome with emotion. She said yes!

And now the party planning begins. Decisions need to be made. Deposits need to be put down. Here are some do's and don'ts to remember as you plan to walk down the aisle:

Don't Do Something Because It's On-Trend

Just because a celebrity had it or you've seen it at a wedding you attended doesn't mean you have to have it in your wedding. If you want a DJ don't get a band. If you want a full cake, don't think you must have cupcakes.

Don't Rush to be on Pinterest or Instagram!

There are too many ideas and options. You will be overwhelmed. Have a conversation with your partner! It is the first in many bonding experiences you will have with your partner. Know what you want for your wedding then go get ideas.

Do Have Conversations

Make sure you talk to your partner about the things you want to have in your wedding.

• Location of the wedding/type of wedding/Look and feel

• Invitation list – this is a discussion of its own! Sometimes families will get involved (i.e. parents). Be firm yet accommodating.

Let's Talk Budget! (statistics provided the Real Wedding Research from the Knot)

• Average MD/VA/DC wedding - $40K (more like $60K closer to the DMV)

• Average vendors used – 9

• Average # of attendees 100 - 150

• 92% of the couples are splitting the cost and paying on own.

Do Focus on 3 Things That are Most Important to You and Your Partner

Each of you write down 3 most important things to remember at the wedding. This helps narrow down and focus how to best capture the theme and overall feel of the wedding.

  • Grooms may say: Specific drinks, having a good time and food.
  • Brides may say: Looking elegant or beautiful, having fun and food. Then focus on those things.

Do Stick with Your Vision

Once you've discussed and decided on the things you want in your wedding stick with it. Being indecisive and changing your vision can cause you a lot of stress and waste a lot of money.

Don't Make Big Changes 3 Months Before the Wedding

If you stick with your vision, you shouldn't have to make too many changes. But whatever you do, don't make any big changes -- like colors, flowers, cake design -- less than three months before the wedding. It can have a ripple effect and can change the entire design of the wedding. It's not worth the stress!

Do Focus on Your Partner

Often there are many family members and friends who want to have some input on your wedding. Remember, this day is about you and your partner. Make sure you consider their needs. Don't get guilted into doing things for family or friends. Make sure the person you are standing with has the best time with you. No one else matters!

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