Quick fixes and fad diets? Not a chance. As the weight loss and nutrition specialist Josephine Fitzpatrick boasts an incredible 99% success rate for her clients. Her programs are based on the unique idea that sustainable weight loss never comes from eliminating the foods you love.

"I'm very big on no fad diets! Because they only work temporarily." said author of the new book, Cheat Day Rules.

Instead, she works with each client to create dietary plans based on her personal nutrition philosophy: six days of clean eating, one day of cheating. In Cheat Day Rules. Josephine takes a deep dive into how to manage your six clean eating days and how to enjoy your one cheat day.

Fitzpatrick stresses that your "cheating" can't be a little bit the day before or a little bit the day after, it just has to be one day and one day only.

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