WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- The Las Vegas shooting Sunday night impacted the world to it's core. But musicians like R&B star Chanté Moore are determined that violent acts like this will not stop artists from working towards uplifting our people.

Moore says, "Mortality is something that we don't always get faced with unless some illness happens, but these kinds of things sober us and just make us think about just everyday things that we take for granted."

"Certainly I don't take it for granted because I'm an entertainer so if something like that happened in my concert or afterward or even around it, that kind of thing, it just messes up everything because I think as artists we just want to uplift people and encourage you to love one another and accept yourself and accept others," adds Moore.

The Grammy nominated singer/songwriter and actress says the DMV has always been one of her favorite places to perform over the years.

"It's one of my favorite places to come because, the very first album that came out, actually 25 years to the day September 29th, was the day my first record came out. I was in a concert here and I was at a club and it was oversold and people were outside and I was like, 'Oh! I'm a star!', says Moore.


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Her seventh studio album, "The Rise Of The Phoenix" is available everywhere digitally and is available in stores on October 13th. Her single, "Real One" is high in the R&B charts.

Moore says, "It's about real love, it's about finding someone who actually gives to you without asking and takes care of things that we even think."

"I know a lot of women talk about the diamonds and the things that they get and it's really about 'loving me' for real and not searching for something that's outside of the real realm of what love really means," adds Moore.

Chanté Moore is releasing her first-ever Christmas album on November 3rd called, "Christmas Back To You".