In case you didn’t know Michelin-Star Chef José Andres is a huge gazpacho fan - as soon as he tried ours he fell in love, said Tio Gazpacho founder Austin Allan.

According to Allan, José had always wanted to find a way to bring amazing gazpacho to the people of America outside of his restaurants and Tio shared the same passion.

This is Tio’s Gazpacho Borracho which translates to Drunken Gazpacho, it’s a fun play on the traditional Bloody Mary - they use Tio Clásico in the base and spice it up with a couple Japanese inspired ingredients.

Allan said one of his favorite hacks is to freeze Tio into ice cubes and then pop them into the cocktail -- it helps to add flavor and prevent them from getting watered down.


2 oz Premium Vodka

4 oz Tio Gazpacho Clásico

1 oz fresh lime

1/2 oz ginger syrup

1 dash chili powder

2 dashes togarashi

1/2 oz agave syrup


Combine all ingredients over ice

garnish and serve

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