Jeannette Walls visited the Great Day Washington studio to talk about her best selling book "The Glass Castle" and the upcoming movie based up on this book! Here, Jeannette chats with Caroline Cianci of GDW to talk about her memoir.

Caroline: Your book focuses on your tough childhood and your dysfunctional family. Even though not every reader has had as tough of a childhood as you have, why do you think your book has resonates with so many people?

Jeannette: They don't have to have had as tough of a childhood as mine, but everybody has something. Everybody has a story. A lot of us carry these things around thinking that it makes us less of a person. If somebody comes clean with their story, then it makes you feel more comfortable coming to terms with your own story. I think sometimes we are our own toughest critics, like nobody will understand us. But, if somebody comes out and says, "My story is crazier than yours," that makes people feel safe to maybe look at their own story again.

C: Working at your high school newspaper, The Maroon Wave, opened you up to this access to information that your parents weren't able to provide for you. Do you wish you had this access earlier in life, not just in high school, or are you thankful for the education and values your parents instilled upon you?

J: I don't think I would change a thing. I discovered journalism at the right time: when I needed it. Before then, I did believe in my father's mythology about himself and me. Once I couldn't cling to that anymore, I discovered journalism, so I think sometimes we find the answers when we are ready for them.

C: Your book and the film, titled "The Glass Castle", is based on the architectural plan that your father had since you were little. What does the concept of the "glass castle" mean to you, and do you believe that everybody has their own theoretical "glass castle?"

J: You know, Dad never did get to build the glass castle. But, I've come to believe that it was more than just a physical building. I think it was about hope, about a belief in the future, and the idea that I would have a place to live one day, and that I would belong in this world. So I think in a way it was kind of built, it was his dreams. And yeah, I think everybody does have a glass castle, as a place where they want to be one day.

You can check out "The Glass Castle" starring Brie Larson and Woody Harrelson in theaters on August 11th, or purchase the book today! Find the video of this interview by clicking here!

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