Looking to cook the best mac & cheese for the holidays? We got a few quick and easy tips from Celebrity Chef Ameer to add to your recipe. Chef Ameer is the ultimate celebrity chef, a favorite of Beyoncé, Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs, Chris Tucker and more!

  • Use a Bechamel sauce with cheese incorporated in it (pick your favorite cheese)

Chef Ameer says, "Great mac & cheese is made with a real cheese sauce."

  • Use a cast-iron skillet

"So the cast iron skillet really just maintains the heat," says Chef Ameer.

Even when the pan is pulled from the oven the food is still cooking in the thick skillet.

  • Cook your noodles or pasta al-dente

Chef Ameer says, "A lot of times we overcook the noodle, not considering that it's gotta go into the oven and cook some more if we're baking it"

You want the pasta to still have some bite to it before you incorporate your cheese sauce and some of the different ingredients into it.

Suggested oven time: 20 minutes at 350 degrees