Think Erectile Dysfunction only affects older men? Think again. The problem is becoming more common among men in their thirties and even twenties.

There are many factors contributing to this disorder, but one of the main issues is a lack of blood flow. "With time, poor diet, lack of exercise, you can have a blockage of small capillaries," says Dr. Shannon Ginnan, M.D. "As they get blocked, you're not going to have good blood flow. Men need to know that they're not alone."

As the problem has become more common, so has the need to find a solution. "Our patients were not really interested in taking medication, or they had tried it and it wasn't working anymore," says Dr. Stephanie J. Chaney, DC. "They were almost demanding of us to find a natural solution that was effective; that worked long term."

Enter GAINSWave Therapy, an acoustic shockwave treatment. It involves a device that admits shock waves directly to the tissue; allowing the creation of healthy blood vessels. Communication between the nerves and the affected area is improved, as is blood flow.

"We've been getting some really amazing results," says Dr. Chaney. "For the most part you're getting permanent re-growth of blood vessels. That lasts for quite some time." Far longer than any prescription.

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