Accidents happen in the car, but you can avoid some of the drama with a handy, low-cost emergency toolkit with remedies for all kinds of situations. Here's a list to bring with you during your next trip to any department store:

1. Flat tire fix spray

If you find a hole in your tire but either don't own a spare or know how to change it on your own, you can fill it with Fix-a-Flat spray and get back on the road in no time. Just be sure to visit your nearest tire professional for permanent repairs. Estimated cost: $5

2. Windshield wiper fluid

If you need to clean off your front windshield but discover you have depleted your windshield wiper fluid supply, you could find yourself in a very sticky situation (literally). Keep a bottle in your car and err on the side of caution. Estimated cost: $3

3. Jumper cables

If your car's battery dies, all you'll need to do is attach the jumper cables to another car to get it running again after a few minutes. Estimated cost: $10-$50.

4. Snow scraper

Snow and ice abound throughout the DMV winters. Unless you have round-the-clock access to a garage or plans to move to Florida in the near future, these will benefit you immensely. Estimated cost: $5-$15

5. First-aid kit

Keep an emergency kit in your glove compartment with band aids, antibacterial cream, gauze and pain-reliever medications. It might also be a good idea to stock up on gloves, paper towels, tissues, napkins, plastic cutlery, toilet paper and a blanket or sweatshirt. Estimated cost: $15-$30

6. Snacks

To avoid hunger or extreme fatigue during long drives, make sure you have plenty of fluids and protein-packed snacks, like nuts or trail mix. Stock up on your favorite coffee or beverage sweeteners as well in case you need to pull over and they're out of what you like. Estimated cost: $5-$10

7. Emergency flashers

In the event you need to pull over in the dark, make your presence known to other drivers with emergency flashers. This will save you from mishaps when your tail lights break or when you're looking to save some battery power. Estimated cost: $10-$30

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