It's hard for parents to keep up with teens texting language and slang. But with the Bark App parents are alerted when their children maybe dealing with sexting, cyber bullying, thoughts of suicide or drug use.

Titana Jordan the Chief Parent Officer of Bark says, "It's a really scary era because we are the first generation of parents raising digital natives."

Jordan explains that Bark stays up on the top text slang using algorithms so she doesn't have to. And if there is an issue, Bark notifies Jordan via email or text message.

But for a head start if you don't use Bark, here are six text slangs teens use for sexting:

99 - Parents are gone

9 or CD9 - Parents are close bychil

TDTM - Talk Dirty To Me

NIFOC - Nude In Front Of Computer

MPFB - My Personal F@#K Buddy

LH6 - Let's Have Sex