Driving in the snow the next few days is always risky, so lessen the chance of accidents with these handy items to keep in your car!

1. Heavy-duty collapsible shovel: 7 inches expands to 18 inches and has razor sharp edges, perfect for digging you out of this wintery mess!

2. Roadside Emergency Kit: This 76-piece kit has all the road warrior basics: battery cables, LED flashlight, hand tools, first aid supplies, blankets, and a 250 psi air compressor.

3. Sperry Cold Bay Boot: Trust us, you do not want exposed ankles in two feet of snow. These boots from Sperry are waterproof, Thinsulate-lined, and rated for temps down to -25°F.

4. Spare Phone Charger: The cellphone is your primary means of rescue in but to reach help you need juice: A charging cord is a good idea, but a hand-crank charger that works away from the car or when the car battery is dead is an even better one.

5. Windshield De-Icer: An extra bottle of this could mean the difference between seeing the road and seeing yourself parked in a snow bank. Plus, in emergencies you can use the stuff to melt ice on the road or any frozen car parts.

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Thanks to Popular Mechanics and Road&Truck for the inspiration.