Getting into the back-to-school and fall routine can be hectic. So we have a list of goods and gadgets to help make life a little easier from Dr. Frank

1.) BOLT - External iPhone & iPad memory storage

Are you constantly having to free up space on your smart device? Well Dr. Frank show's us the BOLT the perfect little gadget to store your photos and more.

  • Free up Storage space for more Photos & Videos on your iPhone & iPad
  • Take another 32,000 photos and 8 hours of Video
  • Back-up just your new Photos, Videos, entire camera roll or a folder to BOLT
  • Simple to use App complements Apple design.
  • Slim form design is the same width as iPhone so you can lay flat on a table
  • Protective carrying case

2.) Humanscale "Quick Stand Eco" work station

Sitting at work all day is just as bad as smoking a new report says but Dr. Frank has the perfect solution for you.

  • A Height adjustable work surface available in Laptop, Single or Dual Monitors
  • Transforms the ordinary into Healthy, Active, Workspaces
  • Merges ergonomics with height-adjustable functionality
  • Designed with minimal clean aesthetics
  • Made only with sustainable materials---No formaldehyde or PVC
  • Complements any space, Home, Business, or Corporate offices

3.) Krud Kutter cleaning supply

Dorms can get pretty grimy and dinners with kids on the go can cause your kitchen to get chaotic so Dr. Frank has the best kitchen cleaner out there!

  • Remove tough Kitchen grease & grime
  • Non-Toxic & Safe for Food Prep surfaces
  • Versatile for All-Purpose cleaning
  • Safer Choice Certified
  • Fragrance Free

4.) Sondpex Tunes2Go Bicycle Audio

The fall is the perfect time for a family bike ride to blow off some of that back-to-school stress and Dr. Frank suggest this speaker system for music, directions and more from your smartphone.

  • Double LED Headlights can be used as Flashlight as well
  • Bluetooth Music Player connects wirelessly to your phone
  • Built-in Phone Holder
  • Play music from Micro SD Card
  • Charge your phone while riding
  • Built-in Horn

5.) Kidz Gear Headphones

There are quite a few headphones on the market but these are specifically for the kids and come Dr. Frank recommended!

  • Ideal children’s headphones for travel and educational use.
  • Includes omnidirectional Boom Mic for languages, test-taking,
  • gaming, karaoke, video, and Skype.
  • Features proprietary KidzControl™ Volume Limit Technology
  • Ensures child-safe listening.
  • Works with iPhones, iPads, Kindles, Nooks, Androids, Computers,
  • Chromebooks, Tablets, Smartphones & MP3 Players.
  • Winner of numerous awards, including USA Today’s 10Best Reader’s Choice Travel Award.
  • Available in gray, pink, or blue.

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