Sitting at your desk all day can cause some major anxiety both physically and mentally! Use these easy quick moves at your desk to boost your mood, strengthen your body & clear your mind!


Start with a breathing exercise: put your hands on your abdomen & feel the breath expand and then retract slowly. If you're in a crowded area or space gently close eyes to stay centered

Take 3 - 5 deep breathes to calm mind and nervous system

Lateral side stretch: sit upright in chair and stretch to each side, feeling a gentle pull on your side. This move tones your waist and opens rib cage to improve breathing

Back bend: This is the best pose to relieve feelings of depression, stress and insomnia. Brace hands on side on chair and gently curve your spine and neck back to ignite your spinal column and promote openness, energy and happiness.

Front stretch bend: With a straightened back,

support spine with hands on legs or desk and learn forward. This move stretches the neck and lower back.

Gentle spine twist: Twist to one side feeling an openness in the chest and heart area. Detoxifies body, clearing digestive problems - relieves pain in lower pack, increases mobility.

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