A new year often means new fitness resolutions but we all know that while we all have good intentions the first couple weeks of January, it's all to easy to fall off track. Fitness guru, Coach G of SWEAT DC says these four tips will keep you on track.

1. Find a workout that you really like!

There are so many options these days, from weights to yoga, from boxing to cycling, from Zumba classes to a high intensity core-cardio-strength workout like pilates, there are lots of options so find something that is really going to keep you engaged and wanting to go back.

2. Get digital!

From your calendar, to emails, to everything else...our lives are very digital so let's digitize your wellness too. Use apps like MyFitness Pal to track your food and movement. At SWEAT DC all of our members have access to Trax technology to make sure they're really getting the most out of your workout.

3. Have a back-up plan!

For those days getting to a gym or class just isn't going to happen, don't just phone it in. Exercise along with a fitness video, or commit to 15-20 minutes of doing sit-ups, push-ups or weights and fire up your whole body.

4. Get an accountability partner!

Making a resolution to yourself is one thing but if you make a commitment to someone else, then you know it's real. So this is perfect way to bring your commitment up a notch partner to a group workout and still a way to encourage and inspire one another.

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