Separation and divorce can be especially difficult during the holidays. But this holiday, get un-scrooged by taking a holiday for YOU and start the year with new hopes and joys. Listen to Queen Bey and take your "Ring Off" and "dust yourself off" so the fun can begin!

Cherie Morris, certified divorce coach and expert contributor shares tips to help you start moving forward and do more than just survive the holidays.

1. Have patience with yourself and others as you create new traditions: You may not feel as you have during previous holidays but that’s ok. Take it slow and steady. Make a list of what you like (and don’t) about the holidays and try to create a plan that minimizes the time you will focus upon the loss. Make this time about new adventures that appeal to you and creating new traditions for you and your children.

2. Plan ahead and remain flexible: Communicate in a neutral way with your ex to make specific plans about where the children will be and when and remember to give them downtime too! Stay cool in the face of any negative interactions—don’t reply in kind!

3. Allow for happiness and joy: Prioritize what you prefer when with your children and when you are not. Surround yourself with friends and family or choose to spend your time serving others, at the spa or alone if you prefer it. If you aren't sure what you prefer, try a little bit of each.

4. Set good boundaries for yourself and others: You get to share with others what you need at this difficult time. Communicate kindly and clearly what you need from your friends and family and don't spend all your time talking about yourself. Don't be surprised by sadness but don't let it define you either.

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