There are many options for higher education. But few are affordable, and offer as much variety as the University of the District of Columbia. Here's why the local school has others beat.

  1. High ranking. rated UDC #1 in a list of the best 4-year colleges in the district. The school's low tuition and financial aid program contributed to the ranking.
  2. Student success is the focus. The faculty at UDC make sure students take advantage of all the university has to offer. Various programs and extracurricular activities increase students' chances of getting a good job post graduation.
  3. Serves the underserved. UDC's affordable tuition and assistance programs make it possible for more of DC's population to get an education. Within 3 years, two-thirds of all the jobs in this city will require an advanced degree. It's UDC's mission to develop talent from every neighborhood, and prepare its students for those jobs.
  4. A pathway to the middle-class. Middle-class status has become harder to obtain over the years. With more well-paying jobs requiring advanced degrees, it's essential for DC's youths to continue their education. UDC strives to give a pathway to everyone.

This article is sponsored by the University of the District of Columbia

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