While our new year's resolutions come from a good place, only 8 percent of people keep their resolutions. Most of us break our diet, stop going to the gym and don't focus on enjoying life within the first few months!

Most of the time, new year's resolutions are too hard or intimidating, so here are four easy Naam Yoga moves from local instructor, Sivan Einav, to keep you happy, healthy and energized in 2018.

The Magnet:

Separate your feet with your toes facing slightly outward with your hands at your side. Squat down with your arms down then bring your arms up as your legs stretch up. Get into a rhythmic pace and inhale when you squat and exhale when you rise up through your nose only. This exercise works your your inner thighs, butt, arms, abs and throat! Try for 3 minutes!

4-1 Breath:

The mind always follows the breath, so by having an organized breath pattern the mind will organize itself and inspire you to keep your life in an orderly fashion. In just 3 minutes, '4-1 Breath' can help you organize your mind. Put your feet together, put your palms in front of you, then inhale four times through your nose and exhale one time through your mouth.

Detox Breathing, with clapping

You wouldn't think you'd get more energy while sitting. But this breathing technique pumps your blood so you can have the energy to accomplish all of your new year's resolutions. Sit cross legged on the floor, start by moving your head side to side. Face it left and inhale and then face it right and inhale again do this a total of 4 times (2x on each side) then clap 8 times and repeat the breathing exercise and clap again. Repeat for 5 minutes. You can actually clap your stress away, it may sound silly, but clapping brings positive hormones to your brain. (think of any toddler) Your body automatically associates this movement with happiness and it also increases your circulation.

Facial Beauty

It doesn't have to cost a fortune to stay looking youthful. Naam Yoga has a quick technique and all you need is your hands! Rub your hands together until they get warm, then with all of your fingers start to tap all over your face quickly in order to help with the blood circulation in your face which can keep your fresh looking healthy and young! Do for 30 seconds each day.

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