Sometimes all it takes is a cool pint of beer or a generous glass of wine to help get you though the stresses of grocery shopping - whether or not you've brought the kids along. Here are four shops grocery stores where you can drink as you shop.

Giant - Cathedral Heights, D.C. 

A local favorite up here in Northwest, Giant makes your shopping experience as easy as can be. Not only are there happy hour deals while you shop, the grocery carts even come with a glass holder. You really can't beat that. Plus they usually have fresh chips and guac at the bar!

Whole Foods - Tenleytown, D.C.

Just up the street from Giant, the Whole Foods in Tenleytown also features a great beer and wine bar, in addition to its organic coffee bar. So now you can walk around with your glass of rosé while you search for the perfect bruschetta. 

Wine'ing Butcher - Ashburn, Va.

If you haven't visited this full-service butcher shop yet, we recommend going before your next cookout. In addition to their great selection of specialty wines and beers, their market has you covered "from burgers and hot dogs to our signature marinated chicken wings and steak tips to our USDA Prime and Top Choice cuts of fresh, American beef, our premium butcher shop is sure to become your family’s local favorite." A great place where your guy can grab a beer while he shops for burgers.

Wegmans - Alexandria, Va

Okay this one is no joke. The Wegmans in Alexandria literally has an entire pub for you to indulge in an entire meal while you're out running your errands. Complete with happy hour specials Monday-Thursday AND a Sunday Brunch, you won't have to tell us twice before making Wegmans our go-to grocery store. 

Where do you do your grocery shopping - and what's their policy of a quick drink to help you de-stress about meal prepping for the upcoming week? And, as always, drink responsibly while you shop - or just find a grocery delivery service to eliminate the hassle altogether. 

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