September is Go4Life Month, promoting staying active and physically fit for seniors with research-based movements from the National Institutes of Health.

Dr. Lyndon Joseph, a researcher from the National Institute on Aging at National Institutes of Health, told Great Day Washington four types of exercises to make staying active for seniors, easy and safe.

1. Endurance

Senior African American Couple Walking Through Fall Woodland

What it does: Improves the health of the lungs and cardiovascular system

Examples: Swimming, running, bicycling, treadmill, aerobics

Some benefits: Helps you walk further without getting out of breath, push grandchild in a swing more easily

2. Strength

Senior woman sitting on ball and exercising with dumbbells

What it does: Builds muscle

Examples: Lifting weights, using resistance bands, arm curls, leg lifts

Some benefits: Helps you climb stairs, carry groceries

3. Balance

Senior Couple Doing Tai Chi Exercises Together In Park

What it does: Improves your ability to control your body’s position, whether moving or still

Examples: Stand on one foot, tai chi

Some benefits: Helps prevent falls, improves walking on uneven sidewalks, etc.

4. Flexibility

Senior asian couple exercise

What it does: Improves your range of motion and ability to stay limber

Examples: Neck stretch, Back Stretch, Yoga

Some benefits: Feel less stiff when getting out of bed, bend down more easily to pick up something, put on socks, tie shoes

If you're interested in learning more about Go4Life Month visit for free materials and the Go4Life Toolkit.