There is nothing like having a bad hair day to ruin your entire day! But getting that salon style look can seem impossible, however Dina Sevajian, Paul Mitchell trained stylist and co-owner of Faded Dream Studios says it doesn't have to be that way. Here are the three biggest hairstyling mistakes she sees her clients make:

1. Curl fail

Dina says curling your hair is the most common hair styling trick but her clients never seem to get it right.

“They are either curling the wrong way or they are never able to get the curls to hold. “

2. Damaging your hair

Another big no-no is using the wrong tools and products. Dina says it's easy to fry your hair with bad straighteners and curling irons.

“Plus if you don't put protective product in your hair when you're using heating tools, you could do some real damage.”

3. Using the same look for all occasions

You know who you are, you wear your hair down and straight for every occasion. Or are you the one who no matter what, you are rocking that pony tail. Dina, who is a specialist in color, extensions, updos and Keratin treatments says this is a big mistake. She says she sees her clients head to their “go-to” look because they aren't confident in executing any other looks.

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