The talk of the day has been a new fashion trend for men.

If you scroll through social media, you are bound to see someone discussing #malerompers.

It's called the Romphim, a romper for men.

Many women have been wearing this trend for years.

However, the buzz surrounding the Romphim began just this year.

North Carolina Panthers star, Cam Newton was spotted rocking the trend last month at Coachella.

A group by the name ACED Design, has created a page on Kickstater for the new trend.

According to their page, their product features a front shirt pocket, an adjustable waist, front and back pockets and a zipper fly.

The page set a funding goal of of $10,000; as of Wednesday morning, the page has raised more than $127,000.

Of course lovers and haters of the new trend took to social media to express their opinions. Check out some of their responses below:

So what do you think?

Will you buy this for the males in your life, or guys, is this a look you're willing to add to you closet?