Today is National Superman Day! The holiday is celebrated annually on June 12!

Superman was first created in 1933 by writer Joe Shuster and artist Jerry Siegel. Across the country, people are celebrating his 65 year legacy in costume and parade.

Here are five fast facts about everyone's favorite hero:

Superman wasn't always able to fly

The comic hero brings new light to the saying "you have to learn to walk before you can run." All of Superman's powers didn't come at once. Even after returning from Krypton, he could only jump far distances and gradually began to fly.

He was first created to be a supervillian

Then a recent high school graduate, Jerry Siegel, the original writer of Superman, wrote a story called "The Reign of Superman." In the story, Superman defeats a mad scientist only to become blinded by the power and take on the scientist's profession.

Metropolis, IL has been officially named the hometown of the superhero

This small Illinois town on the border of the Ohio River and Kentucky named itself the hometown of Superman in 1972. Metropolis police officers wear Superman emblems, a 15-foot bronze Superman statue stands outside the courthouse, and the community hosts a Superman festival each June.

Superman has super-dancing superpowers

In the 1979 Superman Family #196, Clark Kent finds himself judging a dance competition at a local disco club. Upon realizing the venue is rigged with explosives, Kent hits the floor and his dance moves generated enough vibrations to disarm the trigger.

He was sold for $130

When DC Comics approached Shuster and Siegel, the writer and illustrator were offered salaried positions writing comics. However, the pair signed away all rights to Superman for 130 bucks. Copyright litigations ensued after, even following the originators' passing.