A waitress at a Disney Springs restaurant left a touching note for some customers who were dining at the resort over the weekend.

Twitter user @Raynemazur33 shared the experience on social media after she was brought to tears.

The server noticed that Rayne’s dinner companion was wearing a T-shirt in honor of a friend who died in the tragic Orlando massacre.

After bringing ice cream to the table as a gesture of sympathy, the server wrote a note of condolences on the customers' receipt.

On the blank space for the tip, she wrote, “Don’t leave one! Pay it forward. Do something nice for yourselves. So sorry for your loss. Orlando Strong.”

On Twitter, Rayne said:

“Brandon and I had dinner at Disney Springs, tonight and it was honestly the best dining experience we’ve ever had. Our waitress talked to us about pretty much everything and genuinely seemed interested in each topic of conversation we had. But she noticed Brandon was wearing a shirt for someone he knew that passed away last weekend, and brought us ice cream and said it was for such a hard week. Then she left this note on my receipt that brought us both to tears. I love this city so much.”

The post has gained attention through the media and continues to receive messages of joy.

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