Thursday was National Missing Children's Day.

One young girl's disappearance has captivated the D.C. community, Relisha Rudd.

So many people have questions about her disappearance, including two people who never met her but are making it their mission to shine a spotlight on the little girl with the bright smile.

WUSA9's Debra Alfarone met Rose Brown and Phillips Hull at Kenilworth Park in Southeast, D.C. It's the vast 700-acre property where police searched for the then 8-year-old three years ago.

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Brown shared why they do this.

"She's a little girl and Relisha has become community property," she said. "She has a whole community that loves her and wants to know what happened to her."

Hull says the story of Relisha stays with him.

"I just can't fathom how she gets taken from a homeless shelter and we have all this footage of this guy, Tatum, who takes possession of someone else's daughter."

Hull is referring to Khalil Tatum, the janitor at DC General Shelter seen last with Relisha.

Brown and Hull have a radio show called Phocuz Radio to talk about missing children. They recently interviewed Relisha Rudd's stepfather Antonio Wheeler.

Hull says they have heard from a lot of people about it.

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"We have 2.2 million viewers ,it actually reached that last week and just with Facebook Live and putting the word out there, and Antonio Wheeler, a lot of people are kind of upset with him, saying he knows more than what he's telling us."

Brown got emotional about it.

"We don't know if she's living or dead, and that hurts and for people not to be involved, for her own family not to be involved the way that they should be to find this baby, it's sickening to me."

Hull says he thinks Relisha is still alive, but just not in the area.

Brown has a different idea.

"I hate to say it and it's so sad but I think she's right here," she said.

The radio show airs every Saturday starting at 6:15 p.m. They have invited Antonio Wheeler for a second interview May 27th.