VERIFY: Is Snapchat shutting down by New Years?

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Is Snapchat shutting down by New Years? 


Don't fall for this HOAX

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Snap Inc. Third Quarter Financial Report

Snap Inc. Yahoo Finance

Snapchat Support Tweet

Down Detector blackout data


Is it true? Is millennials' beloved selfie app really signing off for good?

You'd think that from all the people tweeting, posting and instagramming their tearful Au Revoir to Snapchat. Good news folks, it's just a hoax.

The rumor started when Snapchat stocks took a nosedive on Wallstreet. Snap Inc. tumbled two point and 14 percent on November 8, according to Yahoo Finance. 

On Nov 7 Snap Inc. announced a $2.5 billion annual loss. Fueling the fire, Snapchat experienced major outages near U.S. coasts and parts of Europe, according to the Down Detector outage map, a  group that charts glitches.

To quell the social firestorm, SnapchatSupport tweeted out to it's faithful followers, that the app would continue.



Rest assured, dancing bacon and vomiting unicorns will continue glittering your snapchat stories with fun.