New footage shines light on murdered Bowie State student

(Photo: Collins family)
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New video has the words that Army Second Lieutenant Richard Collins III’s spoke just days before he was killed.

“Good morning friends, family...staff,” Collins said.

It was a day he had been waiting for.

“No other day besides this one brought me such joy and happiness today,” Collins said.

Video shot by BSU-TV shows the moments Richard Collins III was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the army last Thursday.

His mother, father and sister revealed his pins, and Collins’ girlfriend presented him with his hat.

“Find a way or make one. I feel as this quote described my college experience completely,” Collins spoke behind a podium.

It was a college experience he never got to finish.

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His life was snatched away after a possibly hate-fueled stabbing at a University of Maryland bus stop just days after he was celebrated for his accomplishments.

The Collins family was too shaken up to talk on camera on Wednesday as they planned for their son's funeral.

The viewing will be on Friday between 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

The service starts at 11 a.m. at First Baptist of Glenarden on Watkins Park Drive.

Bowie State University set up a memorial fund in Collins name as neighbors surrounded his family with love and support.

“There is nothing I could say but just let them know that I'm here if you want me -- night or day. Doesn't matter. I can sleep anytime,” Marge Holesapple, who lives across the street from the Collins family, said.  “Nobody knows what they are going through but I have a touch of an idea of what is ahead of them and it is not pretty. No way to make it right.”

There is no way to change what happened to a young man who was grounded in his faith and appeared to have a bright future ahead..

“Most importantly I thank the Lord my God for showing me providence in my life so far and I hope he continues to do so,” Collins said.

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