Lawyer says UMD stabbing suspect was intoxicated and incoherent

Sean Urbanski 
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A judge just ordered the suspect in that possibly race-based stabbing at the University of Maryland held without bond.

She found Sean Urbanski, 22, “absolutely dangerous.”

Prosecutors say the attack this weekend on Richard Collins was “completely unprovoked” – but they’re still trying to determine if it was a hate crime.

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Collins was due to graduate from Bowie State this week and had just been commission a lieutenant in the U.S. Army.

Urbanski said nothing as he appeared via closed circuit TV from the detention center. He stood with his arms clasped behind his back staring straight at the camera.

His lawyer says he was intoxicated and incoherent at the time of the fatal stabbing.

Urbanski’s parents were in court, but had nothing to say either, even after reporters asked if their son was a white supremacist. Urbanski is a contributor to a Facebook group called "Alt Reich Nation."

Prosecutors say Urbanski had never even met Richard Collins. The newly commissioned Army lieutenant was waiting at a bus stop at the University of Maryland early Saturday morning, when Urbanski allegedly told him to move aside. They say when Collins failed to move, Urbanski stabbed him once in the chest with a three or four inch knife, killing him.

Daryl Godlock is the Collins’ family pastor.

"He was a very nice young man, very kind young man, very gentle spokesman, very intelligent. Just getting on with his career," he said. 

This is far from the first alleged racial incident at the University of Maryland. Activists are alarmed.

"Any other hate groups on this campus, get them off. If you can get rid of a group for hazing, someone in a fraternity, you should be able to take these hate groups and throw them off this campus," said Gerald Stansbury of the NAACP.

The FBI has joined the investigation, and if prosecutors determine the murder was a race-based hate crime, Urbanski could face federal charges.

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Urbanski’s parents stood silently in the courtroom where he could see them on the camera from the detention center.

His lawyer, William Brennan, has a stellar reputation. He asked the judge to release him on some kind of bond, citing his long ties to the community and his intoxication and incoherence at the time of the crime. The judge said forget it.

Grieving students at Bowie State are holding a vigil for Collins, who was slated to graduate Tuesday.

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