DC girl calls for more female Star Wars toys, Toys 'R' Us responds

Abby with her new Star Wars action figure from Toys 'R' Us
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WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- The force is definitely with one D.C. girl who was unhappy with the selection of female Star Wars action figures at local toy stores.

Nine-year-old Abigail Schneier is a self-proclaimed Star Wars lover. In October, she wrote a letter to Toys 'R' Us and Star Wars creator George Lucas about the lack of female action figures available.

"I was really hoping to see more characters to put on my Christmas list," Abby told WUSA9.

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Abby signed the letter "Help me Mr. Lucas and Mr. Mullany, you are our only hope!"

About a month later, Abby received a letter from Toys 'R' Us along with three female action figures: Padme Amidala (Abby's favorite female character), Bastila Shan and Toryn Farr.

"Your comments help us understand how we can continue to deliver smiles to children around the world," the letter reads.

Abby's mother Jennifer Gajdosik says she's happy that Abby got to see the power of the pen and to really make a difference.

Now, Abby is just waiting to hear from George Lucas.