3 must have tips on firework safety

Big fireworks with silhouetted people in the foreground watching
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Did you know that seemingly fun and harmless sparkler can burn up to 2,000 degrees when lighted? That’s a lot of burning powers for something that most people hand off to their children when celebrating Fourth of July weekend.

Here are some other little known facts that you really need to know from Montgomery County Fire Marshall and Battalion Chief Kevin Frazier:



Know your local jurisdictions laws regarding fireworks.  Each jurisdiction DC, Maryland and Virginia has their own unique laws governing fireworks and it is vitally important to know those laws and comply with them. 

In Montgomery County, for instance, all fireworks are illegal—same for Prince Georges County.  In some jurisdictions of Maryland, though, ground-based fireworks are legal.

Virginia jurisdictions also have varying laws depending on the county and city regarding fireworks possession and use. These laws can be found on local jurisdictions websites by searching, “fireworks laws”.



Leave Fireworks to the professionals.

Take the time to research the best locations in your area to safely watch and experience the wonderful and delightful professionally-planned fireworks shows. 

Washington, DC on the National Mall has some of the best professional fireworks shows in the area.  Information on additional public fireworks displays can be found on your local government’s website, along with best viewing locations and times. 



Buy fireworks with caution.

When you legally can, only purchase fireworks from licensed fireworks vendors and establishments.  Do not buy fireworks from unlicensed dealers.  Do not purchase fireworks which are unlabeled with no description.  These items could be modified and extremely dangerous. 

Know what you are buying: Read the label carefully. Understand the actions of the fireworks – sparks, noises, flying, reports, etc.  Make sure your purchase meets your expectation. 



•             Use only outside

•             Do not modify any fireworks – Use as instructed

•             Adults only – No Children – Including Sparklers

•             Have a Safety plan – Water, Safety Equipment, Safe distance bystanders etc.

•             Never relight non-functioning fireworks

•             Alcohol and Fireworks never mix

•             Common Sense – Leave them to the professionals

•             Obey your local laws

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