Where You Live


  • Arlington
    includes Ballston, Clarendon, and Rosslyn
  • Ashburn
    includes Middleburg, and Aldie

The District

  • Chinatown
    includes Gallery Place and Mt. Vernon Square
  • U Street
    includes Logan Circle and Shaw


  • Wheaton
    includes Glenmont and Kemp Mill

What is "Where You Live"?
WUSA 9 is covering 53 different neighborhoods in the Washington DC area. Some neighborhoods are by themselves (like Olney or Reston), and others feature areas within the neighborhood (like U Street covering Logan Circle and Shaw) or entire counties (like Frederick County). The news within each neighborhood is specific to its area, as are the restaurants, businesses, events and photos.

Where does the content come from?
Some of the stories on each section are posted by our producers; however, anyone can submit information to our sites, and regular contributors can be set up with their own account and profile to post at anytime.

So how do I send my stuff?

If you have a news tip, story or want to tell us about your business or event, you can click the Contact Us link at the top right of your neighborhood page and we'll post it to the site. We like to see lots of content coming from you! Contact one of our producers if you plan on submitting many stories, and we can give you an account and profile:

The District and south suburban Maryland: Simon Landau
Northern Virginia: Ellen Scott
Suburban Maryland: Courtney Rhodes

If you're not sure which producer covers your neighborhood, you can send an email to our group email or call 202-895-5768.